Apr 30

Vital Role of email tools in E-mail Marketing

The Working of Email Marketing: It refers to a form of marketing through an electronic mail. It contains commercial messages sent by a marketer to the potential customers. In this form of promotion, a customer is contacted directly and persuaded by a marketer to purchase the products. This kind of marketing contains an opt-in list of subscribers. These subscribers are the prospective customers who have signed up to receive the newsletters or advertisements of specific interest. The commercial messages are then sent to these subscribers through the electronic mails. A marketer is responsible for keeping a track of the responses of the customers. The main purpose of sending persuasive messages through mails is to generate business. It is a useful method to bring maximum profit and revenue to an organization. Marketing through mails is a method that can be easily traced to measure the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign. Email Tools required in this form of promotion: There are many advanced tools available to make the process of mail promotion swift and expedient. The tools enable a marketer to measure the efficacy of the email campaign. A marketer can maintain a complete campaign statistics. This campaign statistics records history of entire conversation of the customers with a marketer. There are various tools available that also enable a marketer to effectively manage a huge list of subscribers. You can also enable a customer to subscribe and unsubscribe from receiving an email newsletter. In other words, good and reliable email marketing tools automatically subscribe and unsubscribe. Such a tool can also send responses to the customers automatically. You can trace the effectiveness of the email campaign. This can be done by tracing the number of customers who clicked open the link provided in a mail.

It is easy for a marketer to reach out to a wide number of customers through mails. It is a convenient method for even the prospective customers to reply to the electronic mails. This enables a marketer to elicit a response from a customer easily. This form of marketing eliminates the unwanted printing costs, courier services and eliciting positive response from the customers. It directly reaches the customers and persuades them to even make an online purchase of a product.


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