Aug 29

Video Marketing 7 Top Reasons For Choosing Video Marketing Over Traditional Advertising

Video marketing is a strategy used by companies to advertise products and services by use of short, appealing and informative videos. They are not only intended to bring awareness about the product or service, but also to persuade potential customers into purchasing the advertised product or service.

People nowadays are more comfortable watching the television or personal computer than reading. This implies that information is effectively disseminated through videos than text.

Below are the 7 top reasons for choosing video marketing over traditional advertising:

1) Video marketing is a proficient way of reaching potential customers as well as marketing your products or services. The use of videos on internet marketing serves as a great solution with an excellent impression on the visitor.

2) Video advertising combines the advantages of the television advertising with interactivity. This makes advertisement more attractive to the web surfer and he or she is more receptive to what is offered.

3) Online video marketing is more cost effective than regular TV ads. It is less expensive to produce and broadcast and makes customer targeting much easier.

4) A great advantage that video marketing has over the traditional text approach is that videos get to the point faster and waste less time of potential customers. Instead of surfing over several pages to get to the message conveyed, the same can be delivered in a small percentage of that time in a more attractive and exciting manner.

5) A video advertisement may contain a demonstration of a products use. Coupled with a human face and pleasant voice, it captures the web user’s attention and transmits your message home.

6) One of the recommended video marketing tips is to use your videos on the first page since first impressions is probably the last one. Make it visible and avoid giving your visitors an excuse to skip it.

7) Finally, give your visitors relevant content or rather provide enough information on the site apart from the videos.


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