Aug 15

The Amazing Screwdriver

Anyone who is a fan of Doctor Who would probably love a real sonic screwdriver that worked the same way as the Doctor’s does. Technically, the sonic screwdriver isn’t actually a screwdriver at all, but a glorified lock pick. However, it can also scan and track alien life, control devices by remote control, perform a medical scan and seal doors and deadlocks. First introduced into the Doctor Who show in 1968 and used by Patrick Troughton as the second Doctor, the sonic screwdriver became one of the shows iconic pieces of equipment, along the TARDIS. During the third Doctor’s tenure-Jon Pertwee-the sonic screwdriver wasn’t so prominent and it eventually faded out of the writing altogether. It did return briefly for the 1996 movie when the Doctor was played by Paul McGann, but again was written out completely after that. When Russell T. Davies revitalized the show in 2005, with Christopher Eccleston at the helm of the TARDIS, the sonic screwdriver was back with a vengeance. The tiny pocket devices has since become the icon that the new generation of Whovians adore.

Naturally, there is no such thing as a real sonic screwdriver-not yet anyway-but the item is clearly based on the ancient tool used for removing and tightening screws. The hand tool first made an appearance somewhere during the European Middle Ages and possibly in France or Germany. Both countries came up with a similar invention and there is no specific proof as to which of them could claim ownership f the invention. However, the humble screwdriver did more to revolutionize the tools industry than more or less any other tool in history. Initially, the screwdriver was borne out of necessity, when jousting was the most common ‘sport’ in Europe. In those days, armor plating was worn by the jousters, but the inconvenience of not being able to remove the armor between bouts caused someone to consider removable options. It was then that the screw was said to have been created. Up until then only nails were used in wooden furniture, with the exception of wooden joints, but armor had no comparable item to help disassemble it when necessary. Therefore, with the invention of the screw and therefore the screwdriver, it became possible to take off ones armor after each fight.

The most common types of screw today are the flat head and the Phillips Head. Most hand held screwdrivers are made using the shaft embedded into the handle-made from either wood or steel. Other types of hand held screwdriver include the torque screwdriver, which allows the screw to be turned to a specific point but not to excess. The value within any range is set on the screwdriver, preventing it from over or under tightening the screw. Companies offer promotional screwdrivers to many of their customers and clients. The screwdrivers are printed with the company details and if you are interested in using screwdrivers to promote your business call us for the lowest market prices.


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