Apr 21

Laser Targeted Media For Recognized Experts

There are a number of different media, all of which are now open to individuals because of advances in technology. It will take you very little effort to produce EPM (Expert Proof Materials) in multiple formats. Here are just a few of the materials you can produce and distribute quickly and inexpensively.

– Print book
– Ebook
– Web video
– Audio program
– Articles
– Blog

If you don’t have the time to learn how to do something, there are any number of companies that will help you design a book, or record a podcast. You can even outsource 95% of everything, including – in some cases – the content of your EPM.

The Internet, with it’s ability to replicate and deliver digital content, has revolutionized the production of media. Just a few years ago, if you had written a book there was the cost of paper, and the cost of having that paper printed, and then bound into volumes. Those books had to be stored somewhere, and then shipped to hundreds of book stores across the county. With an ebook, once the layout has been accomplished, there’s no cost to replicate the book, or to send copies of a physical product to stores for eventual sales to individuals. Now, a person finds the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or any one of a hundred other outlets. When they purchase a copy, they receive immediate access to a digital replica of the original. Even print books can now be economically reproduced one at a time, eliminating the cost of printing, storing and shipping hundreds or thousands of copies at once.

This is also the case with audio CDs and DVDs. There’s still the cost of production, but duplication and distributing of the resulting media can again be accomplished via the Internet.

Periodicals – magazines and newspapers – are also being supplanted by web-based replica media. Many people now get their daily news throughout the day at outlets that combine previously exclusive “paper” or “TV” media into one outlet. Magazines are produced as digital products, in full color, with no duplication or distribution costs. And since these digital media no longer have to cater to a wide audience to support the costs of production and distribution, they can focus on narrower and narrower audiences, or niches.

As a result, it’s easier to connect with a laser-targeted audience by seeking out and appearing in these niche media. Or even producing your own media, like emails or newsletters, that directly target the audience you’re after. This allows you to get your EPM directly to the people you want to have experience it.


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