Jun 28

How E-mail Marketing Can Facilitate Your Business Succeed

With companies searching for every tool at the disposal to get ahead of the competition, its no surprise that businesses spend more than half a billion dollars on e-mail marketing each year. Saying that email marketing is a powerful and effective tool is an understatement, next to SEO, email marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to market a product or service.
Email marketing provides a very inexpensive way to stay in touch with customers and keep them informed as to what youre company is doing. One key to the success of an email campaign is getting people to want to receive your e-mails: it is also known as permission marketing. Basically, you market to your existing clients, who in the past would receive printed newsletters and promotional materials and to people who sign up to your mailing list through your website. This strategy allows the business owners to collect authentic email address legitimately.
Another key to email marketing success is quality content. It is critical for your business to stand out from the crowd by offering new products or services regularly, providing discount coupons and other appealing promotions, giving relevant content, or sending out highly targeted emails.
An email newsletter should also be formatted in such a way that it becomes interesting enough for the recipient to open it and read the entire content. Some of the characteristics it should contain are:
An attention-grabbing headline
A recognizable company name in the Sender box so recipients will know that its a legitimate email
A user-friendly one-click structure that enables readers to know more about the companys products or services easily
A means of contacting the companys support service
Take note that unlike other forms of marketing material such as the press release, e-mail newsletter should specifically focus on the benefits your products and services can give to the reader. It is only after the benefits are understood should more information be given out. There are also a few rules of thumb that should be followed in e-mail marketing. Among these are:
Give subscribers an opportunity to opt-out
Keep information to-the-point but friendly
Focus on their needs
Reassure readers that their privacy is safe
Dont blitz their mailbox by sending emails every day, once or twice a month is enough
Ensure that everyone on the list want to be there
Following these tips will help make your company succeed on its e-mail marketing initiative. It will help your company reap greater profits as a result.


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