Mar 30

How E-Mail Marketing Can Boosts Sales

E-Mail marketing is an excellent way to advertise your listings. More and more companies are turning to email to conduct marketing initiatives as it is the most effective form of online promotion. It helps you to quantify the number of emails opened by your recipients and the number of times your embedded links were clicked. By enabling you to measure the level of your recipient’s interest, email campaigns help you to alter your strategies to boost the response rates.

Here are a few steps towards successful email marketing –

Create a list of your target audience. You can collect databases from various websites and segment them accordingly.

Try to know the needs, wants and interests of your target audience. This will be helpful to discover what encourages them to take actions.

To avoid spam make sure these customers have agreed to or, are loyal to receive email communications from you or your company.

Try to avoid purchasing contact lists from third party sources.

Based on the selected target audience, determine the kind of campaigns to be used: newsletters, press releases, event invitations, holiday or seasonal promotions, new product or service announcements etc.

Personalize your emails to make each recipient feel special.

Focus on the quality of the content. Make sure the content is relevant to your recipients.

The design of the email should be attractive. But avoid too much text, images and links.

Write an appealing subject line to improve your email open rate.

Give away free e-Books or whitepaper to your audience in your email.

Give an option to your email recipient to share the email with others.

Determine the best time the target audience is most likely to open and read your email. Midday delivery is better than mornings or evenings.

Determine the right day of the week to send out campaigns. Usually Tuesday and Wednesday bring better results as compared to other days.

If the target audience is diverse, carry out some testing to determine the right timing.

Don’t use deceptive subject lines. The subject line should be relevant and concise.

Give recipients an option to opt-out of your mailing list by providing an unsubscribe button.

Get reports/analytics on each email campaign and analyze the results obtained and compare them to the previous email campaigns results. This will help you to determine whether the goals of current campaign were achieved.

Based on the results, outline strategy for new campaign.

Email marketing allows you to create brand awareness and boost sales. So start building your contact list, create attractive e-mail designs, execute e-mail campaigns and track the results.


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