Apr 27

E-mail Marketing A Proven Success

With money worries a common concern for both businesses and consumers alike, many companies have been forced to rethink the ways in which they attempt to appeal to customers. Big-money publicity campaigns in the printed press and broadcast media are simply beyond the reach of some companies particularly small to medium-sized enterprises forcing firms to rethink their advertising strategies. Banks are largely unwilling to lend, providing a further complication for aspiring entrepreneurs. But despite the overriding climate of financial restraint, there are businesses which shown considerable resilience, continuing to increase their market share and grow in spite of the sluggish economic conditions.

Larger firms with big cash reserves have been best placed to withstand the current financial storm, as they can continue to invest in advertising and offer price cuts to cash-strapped consumers simultaneously. Their smaller rivals, on the other hand, have been left with little choice but to cut their cloth accordingly and many have gone under as a result. But the internet has proven crucial to thousands of businesses looking to hold firm against competitors. By taking advantage of the advertising potential offered by the world wide web, companies across a wide range of sectors have been able to attract new custom without breaking the bank on big-budget marketing drives.

The promotion of goods and services over the internet has bloomed into a multi-billion pound industry, with rapid growth witnessed over the last decade. There are numerous different methods typically deployed by e-marketers, but one of the most successful and one of the most affordable is e-mail marketing. One of the major advantages of e-mail campaigns is that they are easy to set up and can reach thousands of potential customers with ease. Many online retailers give customers the option to sign on to mailing lists when making purchases, so that they can then be sent regular updates as to what products are on offer and at what price. This consensual style of marketing has proven to be most effective, as years of experience across the wider advertising industry have demonstrated that consumers are more likely to react unfavourably to being bombarded with unsolicited ads.

When organising an e-mail marketing campaign, its important to be clear on just which elements of the consumer base you are looking to appeal to. This allows you to target customers more effectively and helps to provide a better return on your investment. Its also well worth remembering that even customers who voluntarily sign up to receive e-mail advertising may lose interest if they are subjected to a high volume of messages, so a bit of precision and restraint could prove to be the most effective tactic for your business.


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