Apr 27

Bond With Your Prospects Through Audio Products

As an entrepreneur, I see far too many people who are attracted to direct response marketing because they’re in love with the idea that they can stay home and do business without directly interacting with customers. Internet marketers are especially in love with the idea that they can sit around and play with their computer all day and attract e-commerce. But the dark side here is that too many of these people want to put a wall up between them and the customer. They want to do business with people they never have to talk to; they want to handle everything with email; they want to hide out.

I understand this. The people attracted to this business are those who like spending a lot of time by themselves. But the best advice I can give people like that is to get to know their customers intimately; that’s how you make the real money. You have to understand your customers better than they understand themselves; to know them in such a deep way that you can develop the precise products or services they want. There’s no better way to do that on a regular basis than by providing the personal touch. There’s no substitute for interaction with people, even if it’s something you hate doing. It’s an absolute necessity when it comes to understanding the customers in the most intimate way, so that you can sell them more.

If you have no interest in getting in front of the customers, meeting them eyeball-to-eyeball, then stay in touch with them through audio products.

The entrepreneurs who want to avoid people are really missing the boat when it comes to audio. They don’t realize that audio is a great medium for letting people get a feeling for who you are — because you can be there in front of them without actually being there. You can be there at their convenience, even in their cars. They always want to hear something new, so if you send a lot of audio products out to your customers, chances are good they’ll listen to you while they’re driving or while they’re doing other things that are relaxing and enjoyable to them. You’ll develop a relationship with them through audio programs that you just can’t through print.

While there are writers who can connect with people in powerful ways, those writers tend to be extremely talented — and it takes a lot of time and years to hone that edge. What doesn’t take time to learn, what can be mastered quite easily, is the ability to communicate to people through audio products, where you’re expressing an essence of who you are. All you’re really trying to do is help people, trying to reach out to them — so they’ll forgive you for not being entirely professional. You don’t have to be a polished, professional speaker. What you do have to be is be totally focused on giving them more of what they want. Your customers will bond with you in the most incredible ways when you send audio programs to them on a very regular basis.

Audio, including radio, is theatre of the mind. It’s a one-on-one communication with somebody, whether he’s a truck driver driving down the street listening to the radio and hearing the DJ play his favorite songs, or an office worker listening to a talk show host who’s trying to raise their ire, or just someone listening to another person sharing their opinion. Many of us listen to music at work, because it helps make the day go by faster and more pleasantly. Bonding happens, and radio stations can turn into multi-billion dollar businesses over the years.

But now anybody can take the same concept and build an audio program into their business. I think people know when you’re talking from the heart, when you’re speaking sincerely, and when you have a genuine approach to the message you’re promoting. By the time you meet them in person-if you ever do-they already feel that they know you. They’ve already spent hours listening to you; the ice is broken, the trust is developed. They know you’re trying to reach out and help them, and they get a sense of who you are.

I believe you should share your personal stories with those customers. Don’t be afraid to tell them who you are, to talk about your struggles and your adversities, to discuss some of the painful lessons that you’ve endured. In some cases, you may shock people by telling them things about yourself that other people would never dare tell them. You shock them by being honest, and they never forget that.

I see so many people who are holding back; they’re trying to be professional, trying to be polished and perfect, and they think that’s the way you have to communicate with people. They don’t realize that’s not what people want. What they want is a relationship with somebody who’s just like them, someone who understands them and their problems and pain, someone who’s trying to help them get what they really want. That’s more important than being perfect.

Some entrepreneurs are too cautious about every word that comes out of their mouths, because they’re afraid of offending people. In response, they become lukewarm. Nobody pays much attention to them, they never stand out in the minds and hearts of customers, and they never develop strong bonds with them. The way to succeed with audio is to take off all the filters, to express yourself in the fullest possible way, and to show the customers in as many ways as possible that you really do care about them, that you’re committed to them.

And be honest with your customers: tell them, “Look, I do want to make money here, but I want to make my money by serving you in the highest way.” People will respect that, and it will make them more likely to buy what you have to offer.


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